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Help & Info about iPadian for windows

  • 1. What is iPadian?

    iPadian is a simulator software program that makes the Windows UI look like an iOS interface. The program doesn’t make alterations to the computer’s functioning or core programs. It opens up an iPad-like UI window that runs in tandem with other Windows application program.
  • 2. Does iPadian enable unrestricted access to iTunes or iOS apps?

    iPadian is purely a desktop application created using Adobe Air. This means the program cannot run on a computer if it doesn’t have Adobe Air installed. As far as apps are concerned, the simulator app does not provide complete access to iTunes or iOS apps.
  • 3. Does the program come with its own app store?

    Yes, iPadian does offer its own apps store. The store essentially comprises apps that work on Windows and provide the user the feeling and experience of an iOS app store. The app store is obviously not as robust and extensive as iOS or any other mainstream app store, but the number of apps available is gradually increasing.
  • 4. How many apps does the store boast of?

    The custom app store contains a few hundred popular applications, which includes popular apps such as Facebook, Cut The Rope, Angry Birds, WhatsApp, etc. Also, the store is categorised into eight sections. As aforementioned, apps are being continuously added to the store, accounting user feedback and demand.
  • 5. Do the apps work fine?

    The majority of the apps are fully functional, which includes the Gmail app and also the browser. However, individual experiences may vary based on the software version installed and also the computer’s software and hardware configurations.
  • 6. How does the emulated iOS interface look like?

    iPadian’s emulation efforts look excellent. The iOS look and feel is a complete overhaul. The overall look is enhanced by the browser app, social networking apps, email client, and other free apps such as music, photos, and videos.
  • 7. Is iPadian safe?

    Safety would always be a concern with any software program that tries to simulate experiences. Moreover, with such apps, there are also the chances of something else getting installed when a particular app is being downloaded and installed.
  • 8. How to mitigate files during installation?

    At the time of installation, a rather inconspicuous drop-down box shows up that provides the user the option to uncheck malware files that the program tries to install. Unchecking the box ensures malware doesn’t get installed on the computer. For added safety, users should have antivirus programs such as Kaspersky, BitDefender, Norton, etc. on-board.
  • 9. Is iPadian free?

    Yes, iPadian is free to download, install and use. However, since the team behind the program is not a “non-profit” organisation, the program makes its money through adverts. These ads sporadically show up on the user interface, primarily in the form of popups.
  • 10. What platforms does iPadian support?

    iPadian works on Windows 7, 8, and 10 and it is licensed as freeware for 32- and 64-bit Windows. There are multiple iterations of the program and the feel and experience on offer could vary with the version installed. For instance, iPadian 2 provides the iOS 9 look and feel.


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