iPadian 3.0

Make your Windows desktop look like an iPad

iPadian is a nifty tool that simulates the interface of an iPad on your Windows desktop. View full description


  • Includes lots of interesting web applications
  • Customizable interface
  • App Store-style sidebar
  • Includes Facebook notification widgets


  • Rather basic iPad imitation
  • Performance is somewhat slow


iPadian is a nifty tool that simulates the interface of an iPad on your Windows desktop.

If you're a serious iPad fanatic, here's your opportunity to make your Windows PC take on the appearance of the iPad's graphically impressive interface.

iPadian consists of a Dashboard which displays several features: two widgets for Facebook, a search bar, a dock with common applications and a collection of icons for other programs. Included are popular apps like YouTube and Instagram, as well as games like Angry Birds.

Every time you open a program in iPadian, a browser window will open to show it. On the right side you'll find another list of applications you can click on as shortcuts. While you browse, you will see your Facebook wall or Wikipedia search, for example. This means that the apps aren't native to your computer though, as all of them open in web pages after being clicked. To some users, this might cheapen the iPadian experience. To others, iPadian may be viewed as a unique way to visit certain web app sites.

iPad enthusiasts now have a way to transform their Windows interface to something more OS X-based with iPadian.

IPadian Brings iPhone and iPad Apps to Windows 8

iPadian is a neat tool that can transform your desktop to make it look like Apple's iPad. Users will see a dashboard that consists of several features : Mail ,Music, weather, Calculator, AppStore and more apps build-in with iPadian.

iPadian AppStore Support the best iPad apps and games featuring : WhatsApp, Clash of Clan, Cut of the Rope, Plants vs Zombies 2, Hay Day, Madden 25 and more cool Games.

- First and The Best : iPadian is the First platform to port Exclusive iPad games to be played in computer!

- Portable :iPadian is portable! Put it on a USB stick and take it with you everywhere you go!

- Offline Access other solution like Bluestacks, you can now have offline access to the best iPad applications right from the comfort of your PC!

- Full Batteries : Playing iOS games on your laptop will help you save your phone's battery for when you need it most :D!

- Lightweight : 30 Mo only

Anyone who love nice design and good content (apps & games), iPadian is a desktop enhancement, browser , and game platform All in one Software



iPadian 3.0

User reviews about iPadian

  • Rahul Bhardwaj996818204

    by Rahul Bhardwaj996818204

    "corrupted or infected file god knows what !!"

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  • Thelegende27

    by Thelegende27

    "Do Not Download"

    Fake and full of adware, unable to run any IOS apps until you pay for it and the license is very expensive. I'd rathe...   More.

  • Username007

    by Username007


    useless, very limited apps. disappointing. Was looking for something similar to bluestacks for iOS.   More.

  • "Malware infested crapware."

    Disappointing attempt at tricking users into believing it's an IOS emulator..   More.

  • abdullahsajid

    by abdullahsajid

    "very nice bluestack app player"

    very nice bluestack app player i like this app player very much it is so interesting.   More.

  • stepspad

    by stepspad

    "Waste of time!!"

    Downloaded this because I wanted to play Hay Day on my PC. This application doesn't work well at all. Once installed,...   More.