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An iOS simulator for Windows computers

iPadian is an iOS simulator for Windows, allowing you to get the feel of the newest operating system by apple on your laptop or PC. It features various functions, such as access to Siri, the App Store, iMessage, WatchOS, and TvOS. This program aims to bring all the features previously reserved to Apple users to anyone for free.

An iOS feel on a larger screen

The iPadian emulator is one of the solutions for running an iOS interface on a Windows desktop. Since Apple's fluid, intuitive apps come with restrictions on an open app market, many people end up seeking alternatives, and emulators are a great choice, duplicating functions of one OS on another.

However, the iPadian app is not an actual emulator - instead, it simulates an iOS UI on a PC using an OS of Windows 7 or higher. It does so by opening a new window and using Windows OS applications, software, and files.

You'll need Adobe Air installed on your computer to run iPadian. Furthermore, you won't gain access to all iPad apps using this program. Instead, it comes with a store of limited, pre-packaged apps that run on Windows.

Nevertheless, you do get a complete look of an iOS environment, complete with a browser, email client, music, photos and videos, social networking, and some free games and other apps.


Once you install iPadian on your PC, you'll be greeted by the standard iOS interface. The first thing to see will be the Dashboard and Shortcuts to different apps, which you cannot change or remove, or can you install new ones.

On the Dashboard, there are two Facebook widgets, a search bar, a collection of icons, and a dock with applications such as YouTube and Instagram. On the right side, there's another list of apps that work as shortcuts.

Note that although some of the programs have been designed for this simulator, not all work perfectly. You won't get a 100% functional iOS device, but a virtual recreation of one.

This program is excellent for people seeking to learn how iOS runs, how it looks, and the experience of having such a system, for free.

There is also an improved premium version under the name of iPadian pro. This affordable option supports more apps, including WhatsApp and Snapchat and doesn't feature the annoying ads.

You can only run this program in fullscreen mode, and you'll find a button for accessing your desktop in the bottom right corner of your screen. It is quite swift, too, since all apps are already integrated.

Selection of apps

Although you get a limited choice of apps within the package, they cover most of your average user's needs. You'll find around 300 most popular apps tailored to fit the simulator in the app store.

There's a Facebook app, YouTube Viewer, a clock, calculator and task reminder, Gmail, an audio mixing tool, a music player, an image viewer, and photo editor, as well as several games.

Moreover, the iPadian free app grants you access to iPad device settings, including mobile data and wi-fi, general tools, wallpapers, battery, sounds, and more.

Bugs and alternatives

There are some drawbacks of iPadian, most of them however insignificant compared to this one; the package tries to install third-party software that some antivirus programs might tag as malware. This could mean that iPadian may not be safe. Users are encouraged to check this package and all of the steps thoroughly.

While this does put a question mark on the program, iPadian does still perform the functions advertised, so it’s legitimate.

There is a well-hidden drop-down box that allows you to uncheck this option, but without previous knowledge, most would fail to notice it.

If you decide to install this program, be sure that you're armed with a trusted antivirus program and an isolation technology software such as Sandbox to stay safe.

Other than that, iPadian developers earn money by featuring ads inside the simulator, so expect to see many popups while using it. You also don't get access to the iTunes app store, which disqualifies iPadian as an iOS emulator.

If you want an alternative, SmartFace iOS is one of the leading emulators for Windows, and Air iPhone is another must-try if you're willing to pay.

Moreover, Xamarin Testflight allows you to try out and debug iOS apps on your Windows PC seamlessly, and MobiOne Studio comes with all the necessary functionalities of an iOS emulator, and then some.

Interesting but not great

iPadian is far from an actual emulator, simulating, instead, the look and feel you'd get from an iOS device, with a bonus of being able to use some popular apps. It's alright for testing out Apple's operating system, but not quite suitable for long-term use.

IPadian Brings iPhone and iPad Apps to Windows 8

iPadian is a neat tool that can transform your desktop to make it look like Apple's iPad. Users will see a dashboard that consists of several features : Mail ,Music, weather, Calculator, AppStore and more apps build-in with iPadian.

iPadian AppStore Support the best iPad apps and games featuring : WhatsApp, Clash of Clan, Cut of the Rope, Plants vs Zombies 2, Hay Day, Madden 25 and more cool Games.

- First and The Best : iPadian is the First platform to port Exclusive iPad games to be played in computer!

- Portable :iPadian is portable! Put it on a USB stick and take it with you everywhere you go!

- Offline Access other solution like Bluestacks, you can now have offline access to the best iPad applications right from the comfort of your PC!

- Full Batteries : Playing iOS games on your laptop will help you save your phone's battery for when you need it most :D!

- Lightweight : 30 Mo only

Anyone who love nice design and good content (apps & games), iPadian is a desktop enhancement, browser , and game platform All in one Software


  • Comes with many interesting apps
  • Customizable interface
  • Handy App Store sidebar
  • Facebook widgets for navigation


  • A basic imitation
  • Not 100% safe
  • Slow performance


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iPadian 10.1 for PC


User reviews about iPadian

  • Molham Bakir

    by Molham Bakir


  • TBGDivergent TBGDivergent

    by TBGDivergent TBGDivergent

    super slow on my decently specked out laptop. I'm dissapointed

  • Dana Durfey

    by Dana Durfey

    When I hit the App store icon , it has an error message and therefore I cannot download imessages...

  • Narendra Kumar

    by Narendra Kumar

    Unable to open App Store.

  • Đặng Hà Xanh

    by Đặng Hà Xanh

    Cant do anything but calculator, notes.. wtf?
    Apps store without searching function?? thats a joke!
    give my monMore

  • Brandon Brown

    by Brandon Brown

    The customer support is terrible. Do not buy the premium version as it does not work and you cannot get your money back.

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