iPadian makes your Windows desktop look like an iPad

Amber Sass


Fans of Apple’s iPad tablet have a lot to admire. The colors and images are crisp, and there are a myriad of fun apps to download for the platform. If you can’t get enough of the iPad’s interface, now you can achieve a similar effect on your Windows desktop, all thanks to iPadian.

iPadian is a neat tool that can transform your desktop to make it look like Apple’s iPad. Users will see a dashboard that consists of several features, including a Facebook widget, search bar and a dock that displays icons for popular apps. YouTube and Instagram are among them. In addition, popular icons for games like Angry Birds can be added.

One thing that’ll either make or break iPadian is that the apps aren’t native to your PC. Every time you click on an app through iPadian, a browser window will open, showing you the relevant webpage. This can be viewed as a unique way to visit sites that offer web apps, or something that’s simply not worth it just to make your desktop look a little more like an iPad.

If you’re absolutely enthralled with Apple’s iPad interface though, iPadian offers a simple way to transform a Windows desktop into something decidedly more OS X-based.

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